Beka Solo & Rich Mac

from Williams Lake

She goes by the stage name of Beka Solo who grew up in a small community. Originally from Nemiah Valley, an area filled with beautiful mountain and lakes. Beka was influenced by music her whole entire life, and it all started with Rock, because her dad and uncles were in a band. There are stories of her falling asleep onstage while the band was playing. At the age of 14 she started writing poems as a form of Therapy, a perfect way of escaping reality. From then on it formed into hiphop and rapping. Like any other artist, you start off rusty until you push yourself to improve. She is now 22, soon to be 23. She left her small town and her comfort zone just to live her dream with music. Right now she’s an inspiring artist and producer. With a long road of so much to learn and achieve, she’ll remain working hard toward her goal.