Pharis & Jason Romero

Horsefly, BC

Pharis and Jason Romero are a sentimental anchoring, and the perfect antidote to this sped-up life. They have a classic story: some scratchy old records and a custom banjo led to their meeting in 2007, and they quickly knew they were in for the long haul. They’ve since released six records, toured all over, and enjoyed two Juno awards, multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards, and performances on A Prairie Home Companion and CBC’s The Vinyl Cafe. The sound of their two voices together is quietly show-stopping. Their songs are inspired by the world they live in and the lifestyle they have chosen to lead, focused on balance and simplicity (with a powerful dose of the early country and folk they so dearly love). With a bustling boutique banjo business and the raising of two young children alongside the busy life of active musicians, the balancing act itself has become an art form that Pharis and Jason sing about with a rare style.

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