Genevieve Jaide

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Genevieve Jaide is a northern blooded songstress with stories to tell. These stories will leave your foot tapping, face smirking, and transcend you into a state of almost awkward bliss. Her booming sweet jazzy voice captivates the audience and brings the room to a state of presence that is rare to witness. Her songs are lyrically heavy, brutally honest and uncomfortably vulnerable, you won’t want to miss a word. 
Her latest release:”I’m Not Who You Think I Am” is a reinvention of Genevieve Jaide, and an attempt to capture the compiling emotions of a young person navigating their way through life using different genres and styles. It is complete with old and new songs written during and before the world shut down. Each tune is different from one another in terms of a theme, yet, if you listen closely, you may find a familiar thread that runs through all the stories like your favourite sweater.

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