Sarah Smith Trio

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For Sarah Smith, the time has come to say more, show more, and share an even deeper truth with her fans, courtesy of her brand new album Unveiling. Sarah has always been vulnerable in her songwriting – she doesn’t know how to do it any other way. Unveiling takes that openness to a deeply personal new level as Sarah sings about love, loss, and having the courage to trust in her own voice. 

Unveiling is Sarah’s fifth studio album, following A Christmas Wish (2018), 11 (2016), The Journey (2014), and Stronger Now(2012). She also released her live album Live In Concert in 2018, and the live DVD Sarah Smith: Plugged and Unplugged in 2015. In addition to her full-length albums, she regularly releases stand-alone singles and music videos. Recorded at London, Ontario’s EMAC Studios and Second Records in St. Thomas, Ontario, Unveiling is unmistakably a pop/rock album. The 15 tracks draw on Sarah’s ‘90s rock influences and once again display her characteristic knack for writing hooks and singalong melodies. From the infectious ‘Beautiful Disaster’ and ‘Divine Intervention’ to the hard driving ‘You Don’t Get My Love’ and the haunting ballad ‘The Hider,’ the record is Sarah and her band pushing from a harder foundation, digging deeper and unleashing intense, pent-up emotions.

Sarah is looking forward to what comes next, trusting that her music will take her and her listeners where they need to go.

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