Saturday, April 2nd @ Knox Performance Venue

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Kalilah Rampanen (AKA) Hasaatuk is nuučaan̓uł from Ahousaht on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Woodland Cree from Fort Mcmurrary Alberta and Finnish ancestry. 

Kalilah is also a musician under her traditional name Hasaatuk, meaning loud vibrant voice. Her music explores a diverse range of indigenous, environmental and social horizons that combine a blend of acoustic, blues and alternative styles of expression. 

In addition to her musical path, Kalilah is actively involved in activism and advocacy for the protection and preservation of Indigenous lands, culture and language.  They have participated in a wide variety of campaigns that raise awareness of environmental devastation caused by mining, oil extraction, deforestation, climate justice and aquaculture. She uses her music to shed light upon the interconnectedness that is maintained through ancestral, indigenous roots to the lands and waters and she maintains a lifestyle that keeps her connected to her traditional territories, culture and family.