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Friday, Jan 24

Foghorn Stringband, Eliza Doyle Band, and Big Fancy

Friday, January 24th at 7:30pm, $30+service charge+GST

Ramada Hotel

Things kick off with a Friday night bluegrass-style dance party at the Ramada Ballroom featuring Big Fancy from Northern BC, The Eliza Doyle Band from Saskatchewan and Foghorn Stringband from Oregon. These bands promise to provide a full blast, boot-stompin' hoe-down!

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Saturday, Jan 25


Admission: Free, Open to Public, No advance registration required

Saturday January 25, from 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Omineca Arts Centre, 369 Victoria Street

Omineca Arts Centre is pleased to host a lively hiphop workshop with Vancouver artist Kimmortal. Known for their animated delivery and spirited lyrics, Kimmortal strives to make an impact with their live performances. Their flow, storytelling, animations, point of view and their unmistakable voice will make this up close and personal presentation one to remember.

Eliza Doyle Band

Admission: Free, Open to Public, No advance registration required

Saturday January 25, from 2:00 to 3:00 pm

The Firepit, 1120 Third Avenue

Positive Living North is pleased to once again invite one and all to The Firepit Cultural Drop-In Centre to enjoy a gathering with the Eliza Doyle Band. A communal fire has traditionally brought people together for songs and story telling which build communication and understanding among all people in our community.

Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Kimmortal, and Beka Solo & Rich Mac

Saturday, January 25th at 7:30pm, $30+service charge+GST

Ramada Hotel

On Saturday, the Ramada will be rockin’ with hip-hop sensations Beka Solo & Rich Mac from Williams Lake, Kimmortal from Vancouver and Snotty Nose Rez Kids from Kitimaat Village, BC. These musicians are masters of using music to discuss themes of race, gender, identity and community building with unparalleled energy that leave audiences dancing and sweating!

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Sunday, Jan 26

Khari Wendell McClelland, and The Sojourners

Admission: Free, Open to Public, No advance registration required

Sunday January 26, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

Trinity United Church (Downtown), 1448 Fifth Avenue

The Trinity United Church invites you to an hour of artistic and thought- provoking music with Khari Wendell McClelland and his partners The Sojourners, as we acknowledge the prelude to Black History Month. Khari will discuss his project “The Freedom Singer”, which recreates the music that fugitive slaves carried on their journey north into Canada. The superb acoustics at Prince George’s oldest church, formerly Knox United on Fifth Avenue, provide the ideal venue for this musical experience.

The Blues Berries

Sunday, January 26th at 2:00pm, Tickets $6+service charge+GST

Prince George Playhouse

The Blues Berries perform throughout Canada spreading their love for the blues to the younger generation. Drawing influence from artists like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Stevie Ray Vaughan but leaving behind the traditional subject matter, they have created a unique hybrid of blues and children’s tunes. Their music is fresh, smart and has both parents and children diggin’ every groove.

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The Sojourners, Khari Wendell McClelland, and Nove Voce

Sunday, January 26th at 7:30pm, $30+service charge+GST

PG Playhouse, 2626 Recplace Drive

This will be a magical evening of soaring voices. Prince George’s own Nove Voce is fresh off a first place win at the 2019 National Music Festival, and Vancouver-based Khari Wendell McClelland and The Sojourners both draw deep inspiration from their African-American history to sing uplifting songs of joy and freedom and deliver rousing messages of social justice and civil rights.

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Monday, Jan 27

The Blues Berries

Admission: Free, Open to Public, No advance registration required

Monday January 27, from 10:30 to 11:30 am

Prince George Library, 888 Canada Games Way

The Prince George Public Library invites young and old to enjoy an hour of classic blues-rock with lyrics that are educational and age appropriate. The Blues Berries show discusses themes like bullying, helping parents around the house, and recycling with a healthy dose of the hokey pokey thrown in for fun! Expect to have the kids up dancing to the beat and their parents grooving in their seats!

Monday, January 27th at 7:30pm, Admission: Pay-What-You-Can, so get there early!

Prince George Legion, 1116 6th Avenue

David Schulte

From Toronto, David Schulte has found a home in Prince George, BC and often writes of its roads and natural beauty. A fan of cycling road trips and dogs, these themes find their way into many of David’s songs. Originally a double bassist in bands such as “The Lakeside Ramblers” and “Mud River”, David branched out into banjo and performed primarily with “The Red Barn Brigade” and “The Amanda Kupp Trio”. He has performed within Prince George at Artspace, Café Voltaire, the Legion, and Nancy O’s. David is honoured to play Coldsnap for the first time and would like to thank the organizers and attendees for this privilege.

Theresa Michelle Mohr

Just as the often calm and beautiful mountain rivers of singer- songwriter Theresa’s Northern BC home sometimes thunder against their rocky banks, there is a strong undercurrent of power and passion in Theresa’s performance, which audiences of all ages are instantly drawn to. With a dynamic vocal range and style, she both writes and sings unique, ear-catching melodies that well suit her diverse guitar riffs, which range from beautiful and lulling to straight up groovy and driving. Whether she’s performing solo, accompanied by her hand drumming partner and/or other band mates, her calm, generous nature, gently rocking guitar, expressive voice and sheer talent are sure to draw a crowd of content listeners and music appreciators.


KERN likes to tell stories. She’ll tell you those stories with her captivating vocals and a guitar of continental drift, poisonous pastries, and a little about herself in song.

The Ebbs

Prince George based live indie folk band The Ebbs is comprised of singer-songwriters William Kuklis and Joe Shea, along with fiddle virtuoso Finn Scott-Neff. The trio have joined forces to push their original songs into uncharted territories. These song-belting storytellers bring years of experience creating and performing music to the stage, and combine a range of instruments and vocal harmonies to create a new and inescapable sound in the British Columbia music scene.

Tuesday, Jan 28

The Trials of Cato

Admission: Free, Open to Public, No advance registration required

Tuesday January 28, from 1:00 to 2:00pm

The Senior Citizens Activity Centre, 425 Brunswick Street

The Prince George Senior Citizen’s Activity Centre brings us an afternoon IceJam with The Trials of Cato. This award-winning trio has exploded on the UK folk scene by paying clear homage to the tradition of the genre whilst twisting old bones into something fresh and modern, with stomping tunes and captivating stories. We defy any folk lover not to listen with a broad grin and an urge to dance around the room.

The Trials of Cato, Twin Bandit, and Amy Blanding

Tuesday, January 28th at 7:30pm, $30+service charge+GST

PG Playhouse, 2626 Recplace Drive

For those that love to get their folk on, these three performers/groups will scratch that itch. The Trials of Cato, hailing from the UK, and BC's own Twin Bandit and Amy Blanding "pay homage to the tradition whilst twisting old bones into something febrile and modern, with stomping tunes and captivating stories" (taken from TTOC website, but true for all these artists!).

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Wednesday, Jan 29

This workshop has reached capacity

Sound Factory and Stephen Darke

Wednesday January 29, from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Sound Factory, 1621 South Nicholson Street

This 6 to 7 hour workshop is designed to teach the basics of input (gain), tone (eq), and volume balance during live music performances. It will allow hands on the console with supervision and will cover subjects such as when and how to use compression, reverb, and delay. All are welcome but in particular we are encouraging participation from female identifying, trans, non-binary and two-spirit individuals, who are less represented in this aspect of the music industry. This workshop is presented with funding assistance from MusicBC/CreativeBC and is sponsored by Sound Factory.

Twin Bandit

Admission: Free, Open to Public, No advance registration required

Wednesday January 29, from 12:00 to 1:00 pm

The Exploration Place Museum and Science Centre, 333 Becott Place

Exploration Place will host an IceJam with Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliott, two young women who comprise Twin Bandit. Walker and Elliott have teamed up to bring the world a whole new kind of musical gold with gorgeous vocals as they sing about heartbreak, joy, and emotional arsonists. Their compositions straddle the line between beauty and tragedy.

Admission: Pay-What-You-Can, so get there early!

Prince George Legion, 1116 6th Avenue

Chris C. Cahill

Chris Cahill is a singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, who performs a range of original songs, all with acoustic guitar-based arrangements that reflect his technically unique playing style. He also performs carefully chosen cover versions, which range from Motown/soul, to modern folk, rock, post-punk, and pop, usually arranged with a twist.He has performed and recorded in a professional capacity, both in his native England, and also New Zealand where he lived for 10 years, before happily making Prince George BC his home in 2017.

Doug Koyama

Doug Koyama makes songs about love using his voice and some cool sound gear. The songs are in the form of improvised a cappella using some looping tech, the inspiration is from the journey and all the shiny, tiny lights along the way. Doug has been making a life in music since 2010 and after a short break is busy imagining a bright future.

Britt A.M.

Britt A.M. marries a punk rock sense of urgency to melodic protest songs. Backed up by a stalwart band full of Northern B.C.’s finest, Britt A.M.’s set takes the crowd from toe-tapping to tear-stifling and back around to cutting a rug, all whilst pondering (here it is) the state of the world today. Having toured nationally and recorded two EP’s as a one-woman band, Britt A.M.’s first full-length, full-band studio album, ‘Psychic Knots’ (released September 2019 on GOOD EGG RECORDS), has seen a steady spot in Earshot’s National Top 50 Radio charts and marks a new era for the artist and her ever-evolving sound.

Dead Sexy

Dead Sexy is a rock n roll band based out of Prince George, BC where the 3 members, Julian Brown (Drums), Joe Daniels (Guitar/Vocals) and Karl Wyssen (Bass/Vocals) began jamming together in early 2019. Playing a combination of old school Rock n’ Roll, Punk and Soul, this band is sure to provide good times for all.

Thursday, Jan 30

David Francey

Thursday January 30, 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Hubspace, 1299 3rd Avenue

Innovation Central invites you to bring your creative urges (and pencils and note pads) to the Hubspace for a lunch hour workshop with multi-Juno awarded singer songwriter David Francey. Described as one of Canada’s most revered folk poets and singers, Francey bears testimony of the working person who never imagined earning a living from his music.

The workshop is free but Advance Registration is required and space is limited. To register, please fill out this form.

David Francey, Twin Flames, and Sam Holden

Thursday, January 30th at 7:30pm, $30+service charge+GST

PG Playhouse, 2626 Recplace Drive

Vanderhoof's own Sam Holden, winner of the 2019 Limelight Quest Award, will join two of the most significant songwriting superstars in Canada today for an evening of story telling and amazing vocals. David Francey is a multiple Juno award winning singer songwriter whose words will leave you both laughing and breathless, while Twin Flames create a sonic landscape that spans Canada and the Arctic, singing in English, Inuktitut and French.

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Friday, Jan 31

Twin Flames

Admission: Free, Open to Public, No advance registration required

Friday January 31, from 12:00 to 1:00pm

Friendship Hall at the Prince George Native Friendship Centre, 1600 Third Ave

The Prince George Native Friendship Centre is excited to present Twin Flames, Chelsey June (Métis) and Jaaji (Inuk, Mohawk), as they take listeners on a musical journey across Canada and the Arctic, echoing the voices of their ancestors and depicting life on the land. Through music they share the beauty of their cultures with original songs, thought-provoking stories and an introduction to Canada’s History, present and future from an Indigenous perspective.

Alpha Yaya Diallo, Bon Débarras, and the African Dancers/Danseurs Africains

Friday, January 31st at 7:30pm, $30+service charge+GST

Ramada Hotel

This international dance party will feature the amazing energy-filled trad-based sounds of Bon Débarras and their daring jigging and vivid body percussion, as well as guitar virtuoso Alpha Yaya Diallo - one of the hottest performers on the current world music scene. Coldsnap teamed up with Le Cercle des Canadiens Français de Prince George (CCFPG) to present this incredible evening of lively music.This event will be the opening night of the 35th annual Francofun Festival d’Hiver presented by CCFPG who are celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2020.

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Saturday, Feb 1


Admission: Free, Open to Public, No advance registration required

Saturday, February 1st at 11:00am

Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum, 850 River Rd.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Irish and Scottish music? What has become of the music the early settlers from these countries brought to Canada? Come listen as Kiérah explains and demonstrates an introduction to 6 diverse styles of Celtic music found thriving today. Hearing the styles back to back will help you fully grasp and appreciate the uniqueness of each Culture's approach to fiddle music. The 6 styles to be explored are Irish, Scottish, Cape Breton, Métis, French Canadian and West Coast.

Beòlach, Kiérah, and Special Guest

Saturday, February 1st at 7:30pm, $30+service charge+GST

Ramada Hotel

Our finale will feature Cape Breton supergroup Beòlach with their innovative and exciting arrangements of traditional Cape Breton, Scottish and Irish tunes for fiddle, bagpipes, whistles and piano, as well as the astounding, dynamic, Irish-influenced fiddle virtuoso that is Kiérah, from Vancouver.

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