This plan is dated November 7, 2020 and will be updated as PHO’s are released and plans develop.

The Prince George Folkfest Society is well along in preparations to present Coldsnap – the prince george winter music festival from Jan. 29th to Feb. 6th, 2021. We are determined to present a lively event that is safe for our patrons, performers, staff, and volunteers despite the challenges of COVID19. We believe presenting this event will provide a much-needed boost to the spirits of the citizens of Northern BC and beyond.

Safety – The Top Priority

We are developing advanced protocols with regards to audiences, volunteers, artists and backstage personnel. We will have a full refund policy if an audience member is not feeling well, to encourage them to stay home. Many organizations around BC and Canada, including our own Prince George Symphony Orchestra, have pioneered ways of presenting
live performing arts while following Provincial Health Orders so we feel confident in our ability to present a safe event. We are paying close attention to all Provincial Health Orders as they are released.

Some general protocols for audiences we are planning include:
• If patrons are allowed to attend (in accordance with the latest Provincial Health Orders (PHO’s), they will be seated in small groups, with groups being set at a safe distance apart (presently 2 m from each other and 3 m from performing artists).
• Space for physical distancing will be provided for safe ingress and egress from the venue.
• Patrons will be asked wear masks from the time they enter or leave the venue, at least until they are seated, and possibly all the time if mandated by PHO’s. Patrons will be asked to remain seated throughout the performance. Artists, crew and volunteers will wear masks all the time or be appropriately physically distanced.
• Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the venue.
• Washrooms will be available with running water, soap and sanitary means for drying hands and will be monitored to confirm patrons have space for appropriate physical distancing.
• Contact information will be collected of each patron. If there is a need for contact tracing on the part of the medical health officers, we will provide that information to them. Otherwise, we will keep this information in confidence in a secured location for 30 days, then it will be destroyed
• Only one performance will be presented in the venue per evening, and the venue will be appropriately cleaned between performances.

Planning For All Eventualities
COVID19 precautions and shutdowns have been a moving target since the beginning of the pandemic so the Society board and staff have made plans to adapt to changes in conditions.
Currently, Provincial Health Orders allow indoor events with a maximum of 50 patrons, but we
are prepared to scale down that number or, as noted, present to a livestream audience only.