February 1st

Concert starts 7:30 pm, visit the “Livestream Lobby” starting at 7:00 pm

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Elijah Quinn

Northern BC based musician Elijah Quinn has spent the last few years honing his skills in both songwriting and audio engineering. After performing and touring with his band,The Racket, for nearly 7 years, he’s embarking on his own solo musical journey. Elijah was raised in Hazelton, BC in a house where mental health and music were two of the main pillars. More recently, he has been writing songs exploring deeper lyrical themes such as mental health and suicide awareness, as well as protest songs. Equipped with a powerful voice and an arsenal of instruments, he is a genuine musical force and a joy to listen to. He put out his debut single, “Love of the Traces” in August 2020, and he is currently working on releasing songs from his upcoming album, “Where the Quiet People Yell”.

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Rachelle Van Zanten

Canadian roots-blues-rocker van Zanten has spent most of her life on the International Rock N Roll Highway, paving the way for the next generation of female musicians. Her punishing slide guitar has her listed as “one of Canada’s best slide guitarists” (Randy Bachman) and garnered the fitting description of “Lucinda Williams meets Led Led Zeppelin.” As an acclaimed songwriter and recording/touring artist, van Zanten is loved for her straight from the heart, gutsy, and intimate songs that can give voice to thunder and fire the hearts of all who join her in her passionate callings.

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